New owner did not let Navalny into Putin’s former apartment in Dresden

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Alexei Navalny was not allowed into the former apartment of the Putin family in Dresden by its current owner, furniture carpenter Jorg Hofmann. Writes about this edition Bild.

Hofmann moved into the three-room apartment immediately after the Putin’s departure in the early 90s. According to him, he is sometimes annoyed by “buses with Russian tourists” because they “think that this is a Putin museum.”

The carpenter noted that he did not allow any outsiders into the apartment, in connection with which he refused to Navalny. He said that Alexei Navalny was standing outside the house before Christmas with bodyguards, and “probably filming a documentary.”

The current owner of the apartment said that Putin handed him the keys to the apartment (where he lived since 1985) at the end of March 1991. Hoffman called the Putin “nice people.” After moving in, the carpenter made repairs, but he still remembers the interior in which the Russian family lived. According to him, “Russian furniture was everywhere”, that is, “aluminum wallpaper” typical for the GDR, and there was also a beige carpet. “

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