New graffiti in Orenburg sparks controversy in social networks

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A new graffiti appeared on Kashirin Street in Orenburg. On the facade of the house, with the money of fans, the artists depicted Detsl.

The city administration approved the creation of the composition.

The chief artist said that the initiative of the youth should be supported.

However, this initiative was not appreciated by Orenburg residents. There are a lot of negative comments under the posts about the new attraction.

“The drawing is, of course, bright, beautiful ….. But why Decl? Did he start this street? Or did he found Orenburg, or did something good for our city? Here, of course, inconsistencies. Just someone to draw. And there is no logic in this ”;

There is no one else to paint on the wall … For me, Pugacheva is better, even though the whole union listened to her … “;

“It’s good that it’s not at our boiler room”;

“For example, I love Kobzon. Why am I not asking you to paint it on my house? ” – this is only a small, and decent part of the opinions about graffiti and its content.

And here the question arises to the authorities – and if fans of any other singer or singer come to them, choose a house and ask permission to immortalize the image, will they also be allowed? Let the fans of Detsla were allowed.

And this can be. How many fans do we have? It is very good that the mayor’s office supports youth initiatives. Not all of them are equally useful. And if you follow the lead of every fan, the city will turn into a portrait gallery.

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