New data on exodus from New York

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According to the US Postal Service, obtained by the New York Post under the Freedom of Information Act, 295,103 applications for change of address were filed by New Yorkers between March 1 and October 31. Such a declaration provides for the sending of received mail to a new address.

But since the change of address applies to all members of a particular family, the actual number of New Yorkers who left New York may be several times higher. In any case, the exodus from the City of the Big Apple, which began in early spring due to the coronavirus epidemic, far exceeds the statistics of previous years. In 2019, from March to July, the Post Office received 101,342 applications for a change of address, and over the same period of the current year, more than two times more – 244,895.

Experts point out that the departure from New York is determined not only by the coronavirus epidemic, but also by pressing economic problems, chaos in the school system and growing crime rates.

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Disappointing statistics

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