Neurologist spoke about the possible consequences of Efremov’s disease

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Doctors of the Botkin Hospital, where on Tuesday, August 11, the actor Mikhail Efremov was hospitalized directly from the Presnensky court building, suggested that the cause of his deterioration was not a stroke, but a transient ischemic attack. The doctor-neurologist of the highest category Mikhail Efimov told about the possible diagnosis and how quickly the actor will be able to recover in an interview with “Evening Moscow”.

A stroke can be caused by a stressful situation, a surge in pressure, the specialist notes, and has two development options: ischemic and hemorrhagic. In the first case, blood clots clog the vessel, in the second – the vessel breaks and hemorrhage occurs. According to the doctor, a lot depends on how quickly and efficiently medical care was provided, as well as on a number of factors that can worsen or provoke such diseases. For example, the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, smoking.

Efimov explained that a stroke can lead to impaired speech, swallowing, movement of arms and legs. If this diagnosis is confirmed and given that the actor was noticeably limping even before hospitalization, then we can already assume which parts of the brain were affected and what the consequences would be. At the same time, the neurologist noted that it is quite possible that Efremov suffered a transient ischemic attack – a less severe disorder.

“Such a neurological deficit goes away rather quickly, literally within a day. The reasons are the same as for a stroke, and it is treated the same way. A transient ischemic attack, in fact, is a harbinger of a more severe disorder, but for a sick person it is a blessing, because there are no serious consequences from it, the patient remains adequate and capable, ”the expert explained.

At the same time, the doctor stressed that even with such a diagnosis, doctors will not release Efremov for trial the next day – an ischemic attack will have to be treated in the same way as a stroke.

On August 11, the next court hearing was supposed to take place in the case of an accident with the participation of the artist, but it was postponed to August 12 at 10:00 am, as Efremov was taken from the courtroom in an ambulance.

According to the Izvestia correspondent, when Efremov was brought to the Presnensky Court of Moscow, the artist was not able to walk on his own, so the bailiffs pulled the actor out of the car. Efremov barely climbed the stairs, dragging his right leg behind him. An ambulance appeared 10 minutes later.

Consideration of the case of a fatal road accident involving Efremov essentially began on August 5.

According to investigators, on the evening of June 8, at the Garden Ring, Efremov drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee into the oncoming lane and collided with a Lada driven by an online store courier Sergey Zakharov, who later died in hospital. Efremov is under house arrest, he faces from five to 12 years in prison. Initially, he pleaded guilty, but then the defense changed tactics.

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