Necessary caution mode for 3 signs of the zodiac from October 5

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For five days – from October 5 to October 10 – planetary tension will reign in the starry sky, which will not have the most favorable effect on the representatives of the three signs of the zodiac. But … forewarned is forearmed!

Given the difficulties in the work environment or on the personal front, it will be possible to adjust your actions to minimize the consequences of difficult life situations. Who should turn on the necessary caution mode?

Aries pain points

During this period, Aries’ pain points will be targeted. Mistakes in making important decisions will damage not only the reputation of the representatives of this sign, but also the relationship with friends and family. Aries will have to restrain their aggression on the way to the goal and tightly control emotions. In the heat of arguments and quarrels, you need to say to yourself “Stop” as early as possible, to pause and not to make hasty conclusions.

Nervousness of CAPRICORN

For representatives of this zodiac sign, this period will be discontinuous. Family and work, dreams and reality – their inconsistency will unsettle Capricorns. Negativeness and nervousness will add misunderstanding and powerful pressure from loved ones. They will demand increased attention, and you will look for the cause of strained family relationships. Only a frank conversation with family and a great desire to fix everything will help turn the tide.

Scorpio health

This period for representatives of this zodiacal constellation is fraught with health troubles. Scorpios will have an aggravated chronicle. And besides, the period will be traumatic, therefore, reduce any risk to zero. Any overload at work will not bring anything good – no one will notice your efforts. And every small conflict runs the risk of developing into a universal one. Avoid resentment and grief – they will only aggravate the condition.

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