Nashville explosion witness: Apartment demolished, windows blown to the back

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A witness and victim of the mysterious bombing in Nashville, Tenn., early Friday told Fox News that most of his possessions, including his apartment are a total loss, and that he is thankful he was not in the front room of his when the blast went off.

Buck McCoy, a musician, had awakened early Christmas morning to gunshots and walked to the front windows of his loft apartment to see what was happening below on Second Avenue North, he told “America’s News HQ.”

McCoy said he didn’t immediately see anything that could have been the source of the gunfire and went to the rear of his apartment to sleep.

However, he heard more gunshots but he chose not to get up, he said. 

“Within ten minutes, I was laying in bed,” McCoy said. There was just the biggest explosion I have ever, ever heard. It just knocked the windows from the front room into the back. It knocked the front door off the hinges.”

Water was pouring from all the pipes, and there was dust everywhere, he said.

“And I was kind of like in shock,” McCoy said. “I could not believe this is happening.”

He told host Molly Line he has since relocated to a friend’s home, but is very shaken up.

“I’m trying to come to the realization that the place I have been living in for the last five years is completely demolished and everything that I own was in there; all my guitars; all the things that I have been using to make a living out here were just completely blown apart,” McCoy lamented, adding that his windows were blown clear to the rear of his apartment.

He said that when firemen came to evacuate him he, unfortunately, had to leave his cat in the wrecked apartment because she could not be immediately located.


When he came to street level, he saw cars “completely engulfed” in flame.

The front facade of his building looked as if it was in a war zone. He had to climb over debris and broken glass, he said.  

“The whole city is kind of in shock, trying to figure out who would do something to a sleepy street like 2nd avenue where there is a few honky-tonks and restaurants and tourists,” McCoy said.

He had planned to play a set at country star and Fox Nation host John Rich’s club in the Music City on Christmas evening, but because of the explosion, the entire town is essentially in shock, he said.

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