NASA announced work on receiving a signal from the rover

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NASA is trying to solve the problem with the signal of the Perseverance rover, said on Thursday, July 30, the head of the agency Jim Bridenstine at a briefing.

“We’ve seen this before with other missions to Mars,” he said. The NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) system is used to communicate with the rover, the head of the agency added, RIA Novosti reports.

The system, designed to transmit signals from deep space, does not fully capture the data sent by the rover, Brandenstein said. “This is not unusual and we are working on a signal reception calibration here on Earth,” added Brandenstein.

The Perseverance apparatus was launched on an Atlas V rocket on Thursday at 14:50 Moscow time. The launch was successful, but soon there was information on the rover’s Twitter about problems with receiving the signal.

The main tasks of the apparatus are to search for traces of life on Mars and test new technical solutions. This is the first time in history that research in astrobiology has become the main focus.

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