Narcologist spoke about the inadmissibility of drinking alcohol on the day of vaccination against COVID-19

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It is impossible to drink alcohol on the day of vaccination against coronavirus infection, as this can lead to a weakening of the effect of the vaccine, and also negatively affects immunity. This was stated by the chief freelance specialist-narcologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Brun.

According to him, any drug, including the vaccine for COVID-19, is incompatible with alcohol, because it causes “toxic effects, weakening of immunity and weakening of the vaccine,” RIA Novosti reports.

On August 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the first coronavirus vaccine in Russia. The drug was developed by the Center. N. Gamalei, it was named “Sputnik V” by analogy with the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite in 1957.

The first recipients of the vaccine from the Gamaleya Center will be health workers and the elderly. The effectiveness of the drug will be assessed based on the results of the formation of population immunity.

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