Multicolored stalls will be removed from the streets of Lipetsk

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In Lipetsk, starting from 2021, a new procedure for organizing fairs will begin to operate. The rules were discussed at a meeting in the city administration. It was attended by business representatives and heads of consumer market departments.

As Lipetskmedia writes, the municipality will be mainly responsible for the fairs. It is about choosing a place, determining a retail space, developing a layout for placing tents and kiosks and their appearance. In case of violation of the requirements, the contract will be terminated.

According to the mayor of Lipetsk, Yevgenia Uvarova, multi-colored tents should disappear from city streets. They will be replaced by hipped-roof fairs and comfortable public spaces designed in the same style.

The venues should combine shopping malls, a food court, an event area with a tribune and stage, a playground with a playground. The territories will be equipped with a lighting system so that the fairs can work even in the dark.

There will be several accommodation options. In the fall, tenders will begin for the distribution of places for holding fairs. Entrepreneurs will draw up them within the framework of a single design concept and conclude an agreement for up to 5 years.

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