Mowing of grass on the banks of the Volga began in Kalyazin

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Kalyazin of the Tver Region was included in the number of cities where the federal project “Preservation of Unique Water Bodies” is being implemented. In total, by 2024, more than 70 events will be held in 45 regions with funds from the federal budget, which will contribute to an increase in the throughput of water bodies, their ability to self-purify and reproduction of ecosystems.

According to Tverskiye Vedomosti, tough aquatic weeds are now being mowed within the boundaries of Kalyazin and along the banks of the Volga River. The work began last week and is being carried out by specialists of the Uglich Reservoir Operations Department.

A Truxor DM 5045 special machine is used for mowing. It mows, rakes the grass into heaps and stores it on the bank. Right-handed barriers are installed on the water in places where the work is in progress so that the cut grass does not float away.

In total, according to the program of sanitary clearing of the Uglich reservoir, it is planned to treat 36 hectares in two years in one year. 15 hectares of land will be cleared this year.

Experts consider the problem of grass clogging of the banks to be urgent – thickets of vegetation reduce the water quality and the carrying capacity of the Volga. At the beginning of September in Kalyazin it is planned to hold an ecological action “For clean banks”.

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