Mournful insensibility: Kostroma residents stared at the bloody man with interest, but did not come to the rescue

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Employees of the Center for Civil Protection of Kostroma told the media about the shameful incident for our city today. Yesterday, October 5, they witnessed how a small crowd of onlookers gathered around an elderly man who fell in the street and badly hurt his head on the curb. Despite the fact that the man’s head was bleeding heavily, none of the onlookers gathered around him bothered to call an ambulance.

And it is not known how it would have ended if a TsGZ car had not accidentally passed by.

The rescuers noticed the crowd and stopped to find out what was going on. Seeing the wounded man, they bandaged him and called the doctors themselves.

And what is typical – when the rescuers provided first aid to the victim, the crowd dispersed … Having decided, apparently, that it was no longer interesting …

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