Moscow will consider a bill to ban the operation “soft feet”

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The city’s deputies will consider a draft law prohibiting veterinarians from performing claw removal operations on cats. At the moment in Russia there is no list of surgical operations for pets, the performance of which is limited by one or another indication.

According to the Moscow City Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Elena Yanchuk, this bill should be supported. “Animal rights activists have repeatedly appealed to me to stop such operations as they mutilate and mutilate animals. Veterinarians ask for such a service from 40 thousand rubles, operations are carried out quite legally. If such a law is adopted, then special attention should be paid to veterinary clinics, which will continue such operations, so that it does not turn into clandestine animal husbandry. It may be necessary to introduce separate administrative responsibility. Law enforcement agencies should also have a special emphasis on such checks of veterinary clinics so that animals are not mutilated, ”Yanchuk clarified.

The profile commission of the capital’s parliament supported this document on December 24.

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