Moscow auto-tourists stuck in the Kostroma dense forests, trusting the navigator too much

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Residents of the capital, who decided to visit the famous Sumarokovskaya moose farm in the Kostroma region, were let down by excessive confidence in electronic gadgets in general and the navigator in particular.

Muscovites who traveled by car had never been to the Kostroma region before, they did not know the road, but they did not worry about it at all – there is an electronic navigator, it will tell you where to go and where to turn off.

But no … The technique let down – following its instructions the auto-tourists climbed into some dense forest, where they got stuck in the mud. After several attempts to get out of the predicament on their own, Muscovites surrendered – and called 112 in the Emergencies Ministry, and rescuers rescued – that is, pulled the car to a dry place and helped to return to Kostroma.

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