Moldova to make it easier for Russians to enter the country on December 21

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On December 21, the Moldovan authorities will exclude Russia from the list of the “red zone” – countries whose citizens must go to mandatory two-week isolation upon entry. This is stated in the decision of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection of the Republic, published on December 18 on the department’s website.

It is noted that the basis for the inclusion of a country in the “red zone” list is the incidence rate, which exceeds 375 people per 100 thousand population. Citizens of such states, upon entering Moldova, will have to fill out an epidemic passport and go into isolation for 14 days.

Currently, there are 37 countries on the list, while last week there were 63. In particular, the authorities of the republic removed from the list Russia, Israel, France, Great Britain and Germany.

The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, began at the end of December last year. The Chinese city of Wuhan became the hotbed of infection. For several months, the disease has spread to more than 210 countries of the world. On March 11, WHO declared a coronavirus pandemic.

According to the latest data, 2 791 220 cases of coronavirus were detected in Russia in 85 regions. For the entire period, 49,762 deaths were recorded, 2,228,633 people recovered.


According to Worldometer data, as of December 18, over 75.7 million cases of COVID-19 have been registered on the planet, more than 1.6 million people have died, and 53.1 million have been cured.

According to the latest data, 133.3 thousand cases of COVID-19 were detected in Moldova, while 2.7 thousand patients died, and another 115.6 thousand people recovered.

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