Ministry of Health of Dagestan demands a refutation from the federal channel

The situation around the hospital in the Shamilkala settlement continues to be replicated in the media, and in a distorted form. The day before, on the air of the Now program on Channel Five, the presenter said that the hospital was allegedly closed and the doctors were fired. Thus, the federal TV channel misled a huge number of people who watch and trust this TV channel. We are forced to remind once again that the hospital in the Shamilkala village is working as usual. As part of the reorganization carried out at the beginning of 2019, it was merged with the Central Regional Hospital of the Untsukul District, since then it has lost its status as an interdistrict, otherwise the medical facility continues to function, as before, none of the doctors was laid off, and no one is going to do this. Those wishing to receive treatment in the three operating departments of the hospital, the hospital of which is designed for 60 beds, can still do it today. For example, residents of neighboring districts can take a referral for hospitalization at a polyclinic at their place of residence. In connection with the broadcast of inaccurate information, we turned to the leadership of Channel Five with a request to give an official refutation on the air of the same program.