Ministry of Health of Belarus explained the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 protests

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Protests in Belarus are the reason for the daily increase in the country infected with coronavirus, said the acting. Minister of Health of the Republic Dmitry Pinevich in an interview with the TV channel “Belarus 1”.

According to him, the observance of social distancing is impossible during the protests that take place in the country every weekend. Pinevich also said that this situation worries him and “inspires, if not alarm, then mobilization.”

The head of the Ministry of Health noted that the increase in the incidence in Belarus is gradual, but steady.

“We were expecting him. If earlier there were a little more than 200 cases of the disease per day, then in the last few days we have already seen that this growth has become above 300 – a little more than 300. And unfortunately, a little less than 50% remains – this is the city of Minsk, ”he said.

Mass protest actions have not subsided in Belarus since August 9 after the presidential elections in the country. On them, according to the Central Election Commission, the incumbent head of state Alexander Lukashenko won. Those who disagreed with this result began to take to the streets. They clashed with the security forces, as a result there were injuries on both sides. Several civilians were killed.

According to the Worldometer portal, as of September 26, there are 77,289 cases in Belarus, more than 74 thousand people have recovered, the number of deaths is 813.

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