Ministry of Economic Development plans to establish “Russian golden trains”

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The cost of the program in comparison with European counterparts is too high

The Ministry of Economic Development proposes to issue citizens of other states a residence permit in exchange for investment.

The corresponding bill is being developed. To do this, you need to invest at least 10 million rubles in Russian business, or own OFZ or real estate for at least 30 million. According to Deputy Head of the Ministry of Economics Mikhail Babich, the instrument will be in demand among citizens of “complex jurisdictions” such as the countries of the Middle East and Africa. However, he notes that the cost of the program is too high compared to European counterparts.

In detail, the conditions look like this: invest 15 million rubles in Russian business (you can become a shareholder). But the passport will not be given right away – the company must exist for 3 years on the market, pay 6 million rubles in taxes and employ 25 people.

You can also open a trivial individual entrepreneur, investing 10 million in it, but hiring 10 Russians.

Own Russian government bonds or real estate worth 30 million rubles for three years before applying for a residence permit.

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