Military tribunal to establish those responsible for the explosion in Beirut

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The perpetrators of the explosion, which occurred in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on August 4, will be established by a military tribunal. Lebanese Foreign Minister Sharbel Vehbe said this in an interview with Al Mayadeen on Friday, August 7.

The Foreign Minister noted that an investigation will be conducted into the incident. At the same time, he clarified that the country’s judicial system is empowered to resolve the issue of the need to involve foreign expertise in the investigation process.

Vehbe said the results of the investigation will be made public in the coming days.

In addition, the minister noted that he had contacted the foreign ministers of more than 30 states, and they all expressed their readiness to meet with him.

A powerful explosion occurred in the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut on 4 August. As a result of the incident, more than 150 people were killed, and more than 5 thousand people were injured.

The explosion was attributed to the ignition of 2.7 tons of ammonium nitrate during welding. The facades of dozens of buildings were destroyed and damaged.

The governor of the city, Marwan Abboud, estimated the damage from the incident at $ 3-5 billion.

On August 6, EMERCOM employees arrived in Beirut to help combat the consequences of the emergency and deploy mobile hospitals.

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