Michigan Counting Commission confirmed Biden’s victory in this state

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The Michigan Counting Commission has confirmed the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the state’s presidential election, CNN reported on Monday, November 13.

It is noted that the Michigan commission consists of four people. According to the newspaper, one of its two Republican members, Aaron Van Langevelde, joined two Democrats to vote to approve the vote. Thus, Biden receives 16 electoral votes from that state.

According to Fox News statistics, Joe Biden received 50.6% of the vote in Michigan, while Donald Trump gained 47.8%.

At the same time, on November 10, it became known that Trump’s headquarters intends to file a lawsuit demanding not to confirm the voting results in Michigan without presenting evidence that the electoral process in the state was transparent and fair. On November 19, lawyer for the American leader, Rudolph Giuliani, said the lawsuit against the state had been dropped.

General elections were held in the United States on November 3. According to media reports, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is ahead of Trump in the number of popular votes and in the number of electoral votes. The democrat himself has already announced his victory in the elections. Trump refused to admit defeat, and his headquarters filed several lawsuits demanding verification of the voting process or recounts in several states.

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