Media: the newest Russian attack drone “Okhotnik” was incapable of combat

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Tests of the newest Russian attack drone “Okhotnik” are still ongoing. Many media outlets release skeptical material due to such a long trial period. Experts suggest that the drone has a serious technical flaw – it cannot strike.

So, the American edition “The Drive” has already christened the Russian attack drone incapable of combat. At the same time, the authors argue that the “Okhotnik” can help in overcoming some of the design flaws of the fifth generation Su-57 fighters. The developed Russian UAV “Okhotnik” can only act as a slave for the fighter. The authors point out that the Russian military is interested in taking these drones into service as soon as possible. American experts are confident that Russian engineers did not have the stealth characteristics of the drone. “It may happen that the Russian unmanned vehicle in the future will require certain modifications before it becomes truly combat-ready,” the authors of “The Drive” conclude.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is placing a big stake on this attack aircraft, but the timing of its tests does seem to be very long.

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