Media revealed the identity of the shooter at the FedEx building in Indianapolis

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The identity of the man who opened fire in the building of the logistics company FedEx in the American Indianapolis, as a result of which at least eight people died, has become known, writes CNN on Friday, April 16.

According to the TV channel, the gunman was 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole, who was a former employee of the company.

According to the deputy head of the city police department of criminal investigations, Craig McCart, representatives of FedEx confirmed that the man was indeed an employee of the company.

Law enforcers establish the motives of the crime, as well as the identity of the victims.

The incident took place late Thursday evening, and about 30 police cars arrived at the scene of the shooting. According to witnesses to the incident, the gunman was armed with a machine gun.

As a result of the incident, dozens of wounded were delivered to hospitals, at least eight people were killed. According to the representative of the local police Gina Cook, the shooter was eliminated and does not pose a threat to society. According to some reports, the man could have committed suicide.