The Commission of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan checked the work in the Foros Park: the assessment is unsatisfactory

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Representatives of the public, together with the Minister of Internal Policy, Information and Communications of the Crimea Mikhail Afanasyev and the head of the Yalta administration Yanina Pavlenko, accompanied by the developer, inspected the territory of Foros Park, where the construction of a children’s and youth health complex is currently underway.

The audit revealed significant shortcomings in terms of maintaining order. Yanina Pavlenko, commenting on what she saw, did not hold back her emotions:

– They promised order on this territory! There are things that can be done in an elementary way. I just suggested that we will provide the capabilities of our Zelenstroy for you to clean this territory, but what is now is unacceptable! This causes justified indignation among local residents. And it’s hard to disagree with them.

The government commission believes that the damage caused by the developer to Foros Park should be reimbursed financially. To do this, on the instructions of the head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov, the inspection of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan will come to Foros Park to calculate the damage caused by the developer.


“The Ministry of Ecology of Crimea should come here tomorrow morning, monitor the entire territory of the park, not only can we count the damage that I think we are obliged to pay, we must think about how to stop and prevent this in the future,” said the head of the Yalta administration Yanina Pavlenko , promising to continue to tightly control the situation with the development of the park.