Media: Priluchny started a new romance, throws things Karpovich

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Colleagues of actor Pavel Priluchny, on condition of anonymity, gave the media details about his current personal life. According to insiders, the fatal passion of the artist Miroslav Karpovich, who is called the culprit of his divorce from Agata Muceniece, suffers from betrayal of her beloved.

One of Priluchny’s acquaintances told the KP.RU website that he was allegedly carried away by the 24-year-old actress Zepyur Brutyan, whom he met on the set of the series. It is alleged that the intirzhka began during the marriage with Mutseniece, and she demanded an explanation from her husband. Then the novel allegedly came to naught, Priluchny got carried away by Karpovich and left the family, but now, having resumed work in the series, he began to see Brutyan often again.

“Priluchny again began to meet with Zepyur, – said the interlocutor of the KP. – Moreover, Karpovich knows about this, but closes his eyes.”


The source claims that “the entire acting workshop is already discussing Priluchny’s betrayal.” According to him, the actors still continue to live together, but often quarrel, and “Miroslava’s things have been on the street more than once.” She herself is allegedly often there too: when the children from Muceniece come to Priluchny to stay, he supposedly puts his mistress out the door.

After the divorce, more than one novel was attributed to Priluchny, in addition to Karpovich. So, it was reported that at the same time with her, he allegedly met with a colleague Julia Franz. Later, rumors appeared about the actor’s sympathy for the starlet Vera Panfilova, the daughter of the musician Konstantin Kinchev.

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