Media: Petrosyan’s young wife became pregnant with her second child from Petrosyan

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The young wife of humorist Yevgeny Petrosyan, Tatyana Brukhunova, became pregnant with her second child from the humorist, according to the program “Stars converged” on NTV. It turned out that the journalists, having arrived in Tula, Brukhunova’s homeland, to her mother, found that she was not there – she was already in Moscow. And she helps her daughter because of her second pregnancy.

“Tatiana is going to give birth to her second child, so Olga went to Moscow,” one of the neighbors said. She added that Petrosyan Brukhunova always liked him, even when she was in school.

Recall that recently Brukhunova and Petrosyan had a son, Vagan. For a long time, there were rumors in the press that the pregnancy was surrogate, but later it turned out that Brukhunova managed to hide her position. Once on a question of one of the subscribers on the network who gave birth to a child, Petrosyan answered one user: “Wife!”

Recall that just a few days ago, Petrosyan called the reports of Brukhunova’s second pregnancy a “duck”.

Recall that Brukhunova is 31 years old, and Petrosyan is 75 years old.

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