Media: Anton Lapenko has a new girlfriend

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YouTube star and comedian Anton Lapenko was seen at Kinotavr in the arms of Alena Mikhailova, actress from the Chiki series. They flew to Sochi on the same flight and were together for the whole event.

But already at the end of September, Anton appeared at the BDT theater with another girl. She was the singer and actress Musya Totibadze.

According to the Super edition, they even have footage where Anton and Musya are holding hands, leaving the hall after the premiere of the play “The Thunderstorm”.

Musi Totibadze is 24 years old, like Lapenko, she comes from a large family – she has 5 more brothers and sisters. Her father is the famous artist Konstantin Totibadze. Glamor is no stranger to the girl, at the age of 17 she became one of the first debutantes at the Tatler magazine ball. Later, the house of Chanel chose her as its ambassador. Previously, she met with actor Grigory Dobrygin, he directed her clips.

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