McEnany: Sen. Scott’s rebuttal to Biden’s joint address highlights ‘the future’ of GOP party

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“Outnumbered” co-host and former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany praised Sen. Tim Scott’s rebuttal to President Biden’s joint address on Wednesday’s “Hannity,” claiming his message was in stark “contrast” to the president and is “exactly what the American public wants to hear.”

MCENANY: Look, Joe Biden has met with historians to try to make himself FDR. One notable difference… FDR had a two hundred-seat majority. Joe Biden has the slimmest majority since the final two years of Rutherford B. Hayes. So that credit card, he may try to make himself FDR, but he doesn’t have the mandate to lead. And just I know Tim Scott has gotten a ton of praise, all well merited. I’ve just got to say, to hear Tim Scott say America is not a racist country. That is what the American public wants to hear. An original sin is not the end of our story, redemption is. That inspiring message is the future of our party. What a contrast tonight. 

Former senior advisor to President Trump Stephen Miller also joined Hannity and railed against the president’s address as “boring.”

MILLER: Boy, that was a dull, boring, lifeless speech. My lord. I have never seen such extreme ideas married to such a completely dry text. I mean, just from a pure writing standpoint, this wasn’t a speech. This was a laundry list. A series of bullet points read in order. Nothing stitching it together, no big idea. Compare that to a year ago, President Trump’s speech with all the excitement and enthusiasm and energy, the patriotism, the optimism — this speech was literally like watching paint dry on the side of an old house.


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