Experts “Roskachestvo” checked “creamy” sausages

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Roskachestvo specialists checked the Creamy sausages, finding safety violations in a quarter of the products examined, the organization’s website said on Thursday, April 29.

Roskachestvo tested the products of 20 Russian brands from Belgorod, Novosibirsk and Yaroslavl regions, St. Petersburg and Moscow for 145 indicators of quality and safety.

As a result, it turned out that the products of only one Dymov trademark met all legislative and regulatory requirements, as well as the requirements of the leading Roskachestvo standard.

Experts did not find heavy metals, radionuclides, GMOs in the products of all studied brands. Also, bacteria of the Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Listeria group were not identified. The samples did not contain antibiotics, preservatives or artificial colors, soy and plant proteins were not found in the composition.

Nevertheless, increased levels of the total number of microorganisms were found in Blizhny Gorki, Velkom, Klinsky, Cherkizovo sausages, and pathogens were found in Creamy sausages from Atrus CJSC.

In addition, experts found that there was no beef in the products of the Velikie Luki Meat Processing Plant.

“DNA of cattle (beef) was not detected, although it was declared in the composition in the first place, that is, there should have been more beef in these sausages than pork. According to the results of the research, only pig DNA was found in these sausages, ”it was reported.

Six samples also contained starch, the presence of which is not allowed by GOST, noted in Roskachestvo.

Earlier, Roskachestvo re-checked the composition of several brands of dairy sausages. It turned out that the quality of these semi-finished meat products was unstable.