McConnell surrenders. End of the Trumpian sedition?

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In a gesture of defiance towards Donald Trump, engaged in a merciless fight to overturn his electoral defeat, Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their electoral victory and called on Republicans to stop their maneuvers in an attempt to overturn the result of the ballot.

Die-hard Trump supporters, inside and outside the Republican Party, certainly won’t like it.

Trump and the Republican Party have made more than $ 200 million since the election on the pretext of supporting his various legal challenges. But in reality, these colossal sums must, in large part, be used to wage a political guerrilla war against the Biden administration.

Trump quickly realized that being a “loser” could be very lucrative for him, personally and politically. By blatantly lying about the integrity of the vote, he has galvanized the tens of millions of Americans who follow him like lemmings to the precipice. Money followed. Massively.

McConnell’s decision risks dividing the Republican Party, which has become a veritable Trumpian sect. A recent poll indicates that a majority of its members believe in Trump’s ludicrous ramblings with the coalman’s faith: 77% of Republicans believe there was widespread fraud and 70% believe Biden’s victory is illegitimate. Are they ready to lay down the guns, literally in some cases?

Trump and Republicans called for sedition

“WE HAVE BEGUN TO FIGHT !!! Trump tweeted to his enthusiastic supporters again recently. This stubborn rejection of the election results encouraged the increasingly undemocratic tendencies of the Republican Party and the American right.

Much of the Republican leadership, who does not believe Trump’s foolish claims, is likely to side with McConnell. These lucid hypocrites who are well aware of their duplicity do not support Trump because they accept his insanities. They follow him because they believe he serves their ambitions and interests. And also because they are afraid of him.

McConnell’s defection deals a fatal blow to Trump’s senseless attempt to overturn the election and stay in power.

The Supreme Court unanimously dismissed the downright seditious motion of the Texas attorney general to quash election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. These States had also replied that it was a “seditious abuse of the judicial process”.

Yep, it was an act of sedition. Incredibly, 17 attorneys general of Republican states still supported him, as well as 126 elected Republican members of the House of Representatives. Stupidly incoherent, several of them denounced as fraudulent the voting method by which they had been elected.

The request was squarely aimed at overthrowing the constitutional system and securing the continuation of power of corrupt criminal Trump, whose incompetence and indifference has so far resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

How will Trump and his base react?

What will the tens of millions of Trump’s “base” members do in the face of what they will see as betrayal of the Republican Party, if he complies with McConnell’s request?

There is concern that Biden’s swearing-in on January 20 will spur the ardor of the Trumpists who have so far participated with the Republican Party in a non-violent insurgency against the elected United States government.

If members of Congress persist in their rebellion, proceedings could be initiated to remove them. Do you think I’m exaggerating?

The Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, drafted to exclude Confederate Civil War traitors from Congress, is clear. Cannot be a senator or representative anyone who has taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States engages in an insurrection or a rebellion. Obviously that is what it is.

Everything will now depend on Trump’s reaction to what he sees as betrayal on McConnell’s part.

The United States is going through one of the darkest and most threatening times in its history.

In the wake of the presidential elections, the United States is more divided than ever as Trump refuses defeat with the support of a majority of elected officials and Republican voters. Normand Lester explains, in his new book Stupid and dangerous. The United States in the Trump Age, how the country got there.

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