Matryona winter: what absolutely must not be done on November 22

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On November 22, Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of the Holy Reverend Matrona of Constantinople, who lived in the 5th century in Constantinople.

It is known that, leaving her husband and giving her daughter to be raised by strangers, she went to serve in a monastery, realizing that her mission was serving the Lord.

In addition, on this day in 1881, Blessed Matrona was born into a family of Russian peasants. From birth, the girl was blind, at first her parents wanted to send her to an orphanage, but after her mother had a dream in which a white blind bird sat on her chest, the woman decided to leave the child in the family. At the age of 8, Matrona, who was a deeply believer, had the gift of miracles, she began to heal the sick and suffering. During the years of the Civil War and the Revolution, she had a very difficult time, but she did not ask for help from her brothers, who were Bolsheviks. Blessed Matrona died, reaching the age of seventy. In 1999 she was canonized.

Our ancestors noticed that on Matrona, as a rule, it is always windy and cold weather, it is snowing or snowing with rain. On this day, there was a tradition – to distribute unnecessary things to the poor and homeless, thereby helping them to survive the cold winter.

Weather signs On this day, they warn that if frost is visible in the morning, it means that the coming year will be rich in oat harvest. If it rains, there will be a lot of wheat. If there is snowfall on Matrona, then in May expect cold weather and bad weather.

On Matrona can and should distribute unnecessary things from your wardrobe to those in need, but there is one important nuance: can’tso that things are excessively worn out or dirty.
You can’t conflict today, be depressed and think badly about people. You shouldn’t be greedy on this day – the period is ideal for charity.

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