Margarita Gracheva mutilated by her ex-husband announced the imminent wedding

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The Russian woman Margarita Gracheva, mutilated by her ex-husband, to whom he cut off her hands out of jealousy, spoke about the imminent wedding.

“I don’t comment on my personal life at all. Yes, it’s true, I’m getting married. If in the future I want to tell you more, I will do it, ”Gracheva told the 360 ​​TV channel on Wednesday, July 29.

Earlier, she announced the upcoming happy event on her Instagram page. In the comments to the post, some users began to accuse the woman of wanting to promote herself, but most wished her happiness. Gracheva herself was calm about the haters.

“Haters react to everything, discuss every action. I take this calmly, I understand that I have some kind of publicity. I just ignore them. They don’t bother me in any way, ”Margarita shared.

However, she refused to give out any details of the upcoming event, as well as the name of the groom. According to her, the wedding is scheduled for September, but the bride refused to disclose the exact date.

The ex-husband of Margarita Gracheva, in a fit of jealousy, cut off her hands in December 2017. The court sentenced him to 14 years in a maximum security colony. The victim called the verdict not harsh enough, adding that she had not seen repentance during the process.

The doctors managed to save one hand of the woman, and a prosthesis was installed in the place of the second.

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