Man in sights after investigating how to kill Biden

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Washington | A 19-year-old adult, arrested in May in the United States and charged with possession of child pornography, has carried out research related to the possibility of assassinating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, we learned judicial source.

Alexander Hillel Treisman was arrested on May 28 in Kannapolis (North Carolina) after the discovery in his abandoned vehicle of weapons, including a semi-automatic assault rifle, and explosive material. Police also seized bomb-making books and $ 509,000, according to a court document dated Oct. 6.

After his arrest, FBI agents discovered on his phone and computers 1,248 videos and 6,721 child pornography images, according to federal prosecutors.

Investigators also discovered that on April 15 he posted a message on a social network entitled “Should I kill joe biden?”

From March to May, he also carried out research on the Internet on the home address of the Democratic candidate, the legislation on weapons and night vision devices.

He had gone to a restaurant a few miles from Mr Biden’s house and wrote a reminder that ended with the word “execute,” according to the court document, revealed by the Daily Beast newspaper on Thursday.

During his hearings, “the accused revealed to be interested in terrorist incidents and mass killings”, according to the same source.

Alexandre Hillel Treisman, who has no criminal record, has so far only been charged in the case of child pornography.

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