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Macrame wall hangings are popular around the globe as decorative items for all types of homes. Besides being decorative articles and functional artworks, macramé also boasts a rich history. The macrame knotting technique was making waves as a home décor trend a few decades back. Today, crafters of the modern world revitalize the past designs and patterns and put their own fresh twist. What you get are beautiful macrame wall hangings with unique shapes and color combinations. Your interior will surely love these new additions.

A macrame wall design is an interesting alternative to those photos, paintings, and other art prints. For example, you can create a contemporary look by placing a neutral-colored macrame on a vibrant-colored wall. Here are some great ideas worth trying if you are looking for more ways to use macramé wall decorations:

Nursery Decor

No need to worry about choosing wallpaper for the room of your baby, with macrame, you can liven up and brighten up the nursery, as well as add dimension and texture to space. Macrame can pull it off because it has attractive, soft, and appealing qualities that make it suitable for a child’s room.

Your child will love to see colorful wall hangings in macramé knots that are pleasant to the eyes. Considering that it is a nursery room, make sure to keep the wall hangings away from those little hands.

Living Area Design

The living area is where you usually spend time with the family and entertain visitors. Macrame wall hangings are among the best pieces to display, and you will be confident to show off to your guests.

Macrame sometimes exudes a boho-chic vibe but can complement any type of interior design. Choose the perfect size to make it a focal point in your living space or one of the displays in your attractive gallery wall. Consider picking a neutral color so it can fit well with any other colors in your living area.

Bed Wall Display

Choose any color of macrame wall hanging for your bedroom, but make sure it complements other colors in the area. The best place to hang a macramé piece is above the headboard to act as the focal point and take center stage in your bedroom. Typically, macrame wall hangings are a perfect partner for clean-lined furnishings. Together, they can give your bedroom a modern appeal.

Modern Plant Hangers

Macrame as plant hangers can add lushness to the walls in your home. You will both have a useful container and a decorative item for your greenery. Choose sturdy and attractive plant hangers that you can display against your wall.  Make sure they can secure and fit your planter well. You may choose bright colors for your macramé plant hangers. Also, try displaying one in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or home office.

Outdoor Decor Drama

Another great idea is to hang macramé pieces to the walls outside your house, such as on the patio or porch. Try hanging a row of modern macrame fiber arts or planters. Even though outside, keep in mind that it is best to hang macramé knot designs in a covered area because it is made of natural fibers.

Macrame wall hangings are great investments that you will not get tired of looking for a long time. They are also a convenient and practical home décor option, compared to specific artworks that you need to maintain or replace every now and then. If you decide to use these decorative pieces, you have a plethora of macrame wall hangings to choose from, from a reputable macramé store.

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