Lukashenko said there is no pressure from Putin

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said on August 6 that he had never been subjected to pressure from Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“He had no attempt to pressure me. He understood that it was useless to put pressure on me. I will always compromise, but if it concerns the country and if I see that it is unfair, it is unacceptable for me, ”Lukashenko said in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon.

He noted that he perceives Putin as an older brother who should support and suggest.

“I consider Vladimir Vladimirovich my elder brother, I sincerely consider him my brother. But not in the sense that you are the senior, and we are no juniors here. Not. You really are in age and in [политическому] weight older brother <...> The older brother must help, support, prompt. Not to substitute the bandwagon, but to support, ”Lukashenka said.

At the same time, he admitted that there is tension in relations with Putin at present, because they are “both strong personalities.”

In addition, in this interview, Lukashenka admitted that he would fight for Crimea and added that many people would have died in these battles. Among other things, he said that as a child he was a difficult child and even was registered in the children’s room of the police.

Lukashenko gave an interview to Gordon ahead of the upcoming August 9 presidential elections in the country.

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