Lukashenko offered to inject a drop of his blood plasma to the opposition

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko jokingly offered to give his blood plasma to the opposition in order to win them over to the side of the state. He said this on Friday, August 7, at a meeting with health officials.

Addressing the country’s Minister of Health, Vladimir Karanik, he recalled that he had been ill with COVID-19.

“You know what I was thinking. You will now enroll me in this golden fund, when they donate blood, make plasma and then treat people … You take this plasma, inject it to all oppositionists drop by drop, ”BelTA quotes the head of state.

According to Lukashenko, this is the easiest way to “turn them towards the state,” reports RT.

“In my direction. I say this publicly so that all oppositionists get a drop of blood, ”he stressed.

Lukashenka believes that the opposition will not give up on this, because when you get to the intensive care unit, you no longer look at the blood, RNS reports. “You know, Just to survive. Such a half-joke, half-truth, ”he concluded.

On July 28, Lukashenka announced that he had suffered from the coronavirus asymptomatically.

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