Lukashenka convenes meeting to suppress protests

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is holding a meeting dedicated to the mass protests in the country after the presidential elections.

According to him, now the most important tasks are to ensure the safety of citizens, as well as to protect the constitutional order and “ensure the normal functioning of state governing bodies,” the Pool of the First Telegram channel reports.

According to Lukashenka, the basis and foundation of everything is the functioning of the economy, BelTA agency reports. He added that the basis of all “these so-called protesters” are people with a criminal past who are now out of work. “There is no work, it means“ walk uncle along the streets and avenues, ”Lukashenka stressed.

In this regard, he warned everyone that they need to get a job. He also warned some “to put it mildly, bourgeois citizens.” According to him, “God forbid someone will give out fake employment certificates to someone.”

As a result, Lukashenko instructed law enforcement agencies and government agencies to ensure the implementation of these instructions.

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