Local authorities ask Smolyans not to park on Kutuzov street yet

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On August 7, the administration of Smolensk asked the townspeople not to park their cars on the sides of Kutuzov Street in connection with the start of laying the second layer of the roadbed. On the evening of August 8, work will begin on laying the top layer of the road surface. They are planned to be completed within three days.

The text of the message reads: “Dear vehicle owners! We ask you not to leave your cars on the side of Kutuzov Street in the daytime and at night until the end of the final stage of the roadway reconstruction ”.

Reconstruction of the street from the park with the YAK-42 aircraft monument to the T-34 tank monument is being carried out within the framework of the Safe and High-Quality Highway Roads National Project. During the overhaul of the street that began a month and a half ago, the old road surface was removed, the drainage system was replaced, including three dozen storm sewer wells, more than a hundred street lighting poles, ramps, driveways, sidewalks were reconstructed, accessible environment facilities were organized, the first layer of the roadbed was laid …

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