Lioness named Kostroma: in the circus “Maximus” addition to the brutal composition

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In the traveling circus “Maximus”, which is now touring in Kostroma, an event happened as rare as it was amazing: a pair of lions-artists gave birth to offspring.

The happy mother lioness is called Yara, and no less happy father of the family is Eric. Eric is a rare white lion that was brought to the circus as a very young man straight from Africa.

Family relations between the lion-artists began several months ago – and as a result, the lioness Yara gave birth to triplets on October 7 – two lion cubs and one lioness girl, whom the troupe’s employees decided to call Kostroma in honor of the city in which she was born.

What is characteristic – there is no white cub among Yara’s offspring – the children obviously went to their mother. In three weeks, the newborn lion cubs managed to grow up so much that the circus workers decided that it was possible to show them to the audience – at the performances that begin at one o’clock in the afternoon, the arena workers during the break between the numbers will put on public display a basket with cute lion cubs, which now look like plush toys, but in the future they will be taught different tricks and will join the “brutal composition” of “Maximus”.

And yes – the “Maximus” circus will accept offers from Kostroma residents regarding names for male lion cubs until the end of the tour – that is, until November 15th.

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