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Astrology vs Astronomy

There are many Astrologer in India but even they are not aware of the basic difference between astrology and astronomy. Most of the time people mix the subjects astrology and astronomy. Though both subjects are about stars but they are different from each other.

Astrology is the division of astronomy. In astronomy experts study about the stars, the universe, galaxies, and the entire phenomenon associated with them. However, in astrology an astrologer study the patterns the stars make and what effects they have on our lives.

It may seem easy that you just have to study the patterns and you can tell all about the events that could happen in life, but this is not as simple as you think. You see there are countless stars in the sky learning about each and every of them is impossible, so finding the ones that need to be studies is quite a challenging task at first place.

Now, deciphering the stars pattern and linking them with life events is more technical than the first step and it involves lot of efforts and observation on astrologer’s end to make sure that predictions he is making and the assumptions he is going to make are right.

Interesting fact about Astronomy

An interesting fact about astronomy is that not every time an astrologer could be right. It all depends on the hard work an astrologer puts in to become better in his field. Actually, it is different from other subjects.

For instance, with four years of study you can have the socialization in some respective subject but this is not the case with astrology you have to study all your life to get little near to accuracy and precision of your assumptions.

Thus, in such case finding someone who is truly exceptional with his assumptions is very rare, and in this regard Aditiya is one of the few astrologers who are truly gifted with their vision about stars and life and this is why he is the best astrologer in India. In fact not just in India he has followers all over the world.

Astrologer in India

Best astrologer in India

To say that Aditiya is the best astrologer in India is quite a big statement, but we have evidences that can support our statement. As astronomy requires a long period of study just to know about stars and stuff, let alone their link with life is thoroughly a different story.

However, still Aditiya spent his entire youth learning about the stars and their links with the events of life. He spent more than 25 years in learning all these mysteries.

Though we can’t guarantee that all his predictions and assumptions are right but they are most near to the precision and this is because he has such keen observation that along with his hard work and study polished into something that made him unbeatable in the world of astronomy. Now, this is not it he learned about all the ancient Indian subjects associated with the life.

He mastered the skilled of palmistry and horoscope reading to broaden his horizons to make sure that all his predictions about the stars patterns and movements are right in context of other subjects as well. So, this is his hard work that pays off and made him a renowned Best Astrologer in Kolkata as well as in other countries.

Life and astronomy

Many people think that this is rubbish to link life with some stars. But, they don’t know that stars have some serious control over our lives and it is our actions that determine the course of our lives. Everyone belief that being good will lead you towards good and being bad will lead your bad end.

Now, have you ever wondered from where this philosophy came in? Well, nobody can answer this question but astronomy gives little hints about this area because stars have some real connection with our personalities.

Even the zodiac signs which we believe exist and are the determinant of our nature are affected by the stars patterns and the paths they take so how can you say that they have no effect over our lives? It would be better if you learn about it before and start taking consultation from some astrologer before facing something horrendous just because of your lack of belief and wrong actions.