Leap of the yellow devil: blogger from Kostroma made a somersault on “Zaporozhets”

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Kostroma video blogger, host of the YouTube channel “Russian Dzhimkhana” became the second person in the world who managed to make a flip jump in a car.

At the same time, the “shell” on which this trick was carried out was the car “Zaporozhets”, ironically nicknamed by motorists “yellow devil” in Soviet times. And now the product of the Soviet automobile industry has justified this nickname – and how … after some refinement, of course – before this deadly trick, the author of the video turned it into a “buggy” – that is, an all-terrain vehicle for off-road driving.

Of course, the trick was not a success the first time: twice the Zaporozhets crashed, and other cars took part in the second and third attempts. But from the third approach and after a careful calculation of the speed and the construction of a special springboard, he still managed.

The theoretical support of the trick was carried out by the head of the department of general and theoretical physics of KSU Sergey Shadrin.

But what is the name of the most desperate stunt driver, we could not reliably establish – he is a modest man …

But we have his photo – we are posting it, the country should know its heroes!

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