Lawyers named items prohibited for transportation by personal car

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There is a number of unusual cargoes for the transportation of which Russian motorists have special requirements, writes the Prime agency on November 28.

So, a car enthusiast can get a fine for incorrect placement of “long items”. In particular, if they stick out of the trunk, obstruct the view and are dangerous for other road users.

“Also, the traffic police inspector may have big questions to the driver who transports the carcasses of animals killed in the hunt without accompanying documents (hunting license, weapon permit),” said Yegor Redin, managing partner of the law firm Position Rights, to the agency.

In addition, drivers who transport fish, including those listed in the Red Book, caviar or meat without packaging and the necessary documentation or a receipt, face a fine and confiscation of cargo.

The same goes for firs and other trees, as well as firewood. If you are stopped by a traffic police inspector and you are unable to confirm their origin, you may again be prosecuted for illegal felling of trees, says Pavel Utkin, a lawyer at the Parfenon United Legal Center.

“Even for one Christmas tree cut down for the New Year, the fine can be up to 4 thousand rubles. Accordingly, the more firewood, the greater the fine, ”says Redin.

There are also restrictions on the transport of unmarked alcohol in the amount of no more than 10 liters per person.

“At the same time, the type of alcohol does not matter, whether it is moonshine or good wine. When transporting a large number of standard bottles (on the eve of the holidays), make sure to grab the receipt from the store – then, most likely, you will not have any questions, ”Redin said.

On November 19, the Moscow Department of Transport published a list of the most frequent traffic violations.

So, the most widespread traffic violation in Moscow in January-October 2020 was speeding. The share of this type of violation is 58%.

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