Lawyer appreciated Navalny’s treatment abroad

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The export of blogger Alexei Navalny for treatment outside the Russian Federation is illegal and is “a spit on domestic medicine.” Stalin’s lawyer Gurevich stated this to Izvestia on August 22.

“I believe that the situation is unacceptable, illegal. <...> The fact is that Mr. Navalny is a defendant. He is under recognizance not to leave, ”she said.

Gurevich noted that when Navalny’s condition stabilized after an emergency hospitalization in Omsk, a judge had to accept the question of his treatment abroad. In addition, the involvement of foreign doctors in the process of providing medical care to Navalny can be misinterpreted as a recognition of the lack of competence of domestic medicine.

“It turns out that we signed that there are no doctors on the territory of the Russian Federation who are able to provide proper medical care,” she said.

The lawyer expressed indignation at the fact that Navalny was allowed to be taken abroad, while there are “a lot of cases” when “people died in a pre-trial detention center,” and the courts refused to change the measure of restraint and give permission for treatment.

“Moreover, in fact, Navalny is not protected there and no one can give guarantees that tomorrow they will not announce to us that Navalny died from poisoning with some terrible drug and this will not provoke an almost revolutionary situation in Russia,” the lawyer concluded.

Navalny felt unwell during the Tomsk-Moscow flight on 20 August. The plane urgently landed in Omsk, the blogger was hospitalized. He is currently in a coma. The main diagnosis is metabolic disorder. On August 22, he was taken to the Charite clinic in Berlin for treatment.

As the head of the Cinema for Peace foundation Yaka Bizil, who organized the transportation, told RIA Novosti, Navalny had a good flight from Omsk to Berlin, his condition did not worsen, but remains critical.

The Ministry of Health of the Omsk region said that oxybutyrates, barbiturates, strychnine, convulsive or synthetic poisons were not found in Navalny’s body, while the content of alcohol and caffeine was detected in the urine.

In addition, a non-toxic substance 2-ethylhexyl diphenyl phosphate, which is used in industrial chemistry in the production of polymers, was found in surface washes from Navalny’s clothes and hands. It was not found in the patient’s biomaterials.

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