Kudryashov promised not to pity Romanov in battle

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Russian boxer Dmitry “Kuvalda” Kudryashov spoke about the preparation for the fight in a new weight category – bridgerway, as well as about the expectations from the fight with his rival boxer Yevgeny Romanov. He announced this on Friday, April 23, in an interview with Izvestia.

Kudryashov noted that he is not going to feel sorry for his opponent, since we are talking about the WBC title in bridgeway.

“We are meeting in a qualifying match, the winner of which will fight for the title. How can you feel sorry for each other in such a battle? Either you or him are here, ”the boxer explained.

Speaking about the new weight category, Kudryashov said that he physically felt better.

“You feel different when you have plus 15 kg. You smile, you are not angry, and you are doing well, ”he said.

He expressed confidence that he had prepared enough for the fight with Romanov, despite a break in his career.

“It’s no secret that all these restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic are making their own adjustments to the boxers’ calendar. I’m not the only one with such a long downtime. Many boxers have not entered the ring for over a year, and I think that this will not be a problem, ”the athlete said.

Kudryashov also admitted that he is looking forward to a duel with his rival.

“Waiting for the holiday. The fight would have taken place as soon as possible. I haven’t been in the ring for a long time, so I want to experience these emotions as quickly as possible, ”he summed up.

The fight will take place on May 21 at the Khimki basketball center in the new Bridgerweight weight category. The fight will be organized by the rapper Basta’s promotion company GAZFIGHT together with MKB. The tournament will include competition for the mandatory contender for the World Boxing Council (WBC) title in the new 101.6 kg weight category.

On April 22, Russian boxer Denis Lebedev called the fight between Kudryashov and Romanov significant at the rapper Basta’s tournament. According to him, the emergence of a new category of boxing is a very correct decision, which will give athletes room for maneuver. It will be a very interesting fight, Lebedev emphasized.