Kuban deputies of the ZSK supported the project of youth policy

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On August 12, an extraordinary meeting of the Kuban parliament took place. The only issue on the agenda was the draft federal law “On youth policy in the Russian Federation.” According to the speaker of the ZSK Yuriy Burlachko, the project is aimed at developing the provisions of the updated Constitution.

“Many subjects have their own legal acts on this issue, but there has been no general federal law so far. Its provisions will help lay the foundations for legal regulation of youth policy,” added Yuriy Burlachko.

In particular, the bill presupposes the definition of such concepts as: “youth”, “young family”, youth policy “,” youth public associations “and others, thereby securing the status of citizens belonging to the” youth “. The project provides for the definition of “youth” as persons between the ages of fourteen and thirty-five, as well as the participation of young citizens in youth policy, according to the official website of the KYC.

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