Krasnodar Territory remained the only operating region on December 31

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In the regions of Russia, there are still debates whether to leave December 31 as a working day, but most of the heads of the subjects have already made a decision.

President Vladimir Putin expressed his opinion on this issue. The head of state said that the New Year’s day should be made non-working and called on the heads of the regions to listen to it.

After the words of the president, almost all territories declared the 31st day a day off. The last doubters were Kuban and Adygea, until on the evening of December 24, the head of Adygea, Murat Kumpilov, announced his decision to also make the last day of the year non-working. So far, only the Krasnodar Territory remains the only region in Russia operating on December 31.

On the interactive map published in the telegram-channel “RIA Novosti” only one region is marked in red – Kuban.

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