Kostroma schoolchildren were told how they will take the Unified State Exam and the OGE

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The Department of Education and Science of the Kostroma Region, with reference to the decisions of Rosobrnadzor and the Ministry of Education, informs about the order in which this year our schoolchildren will have to pass final exams.

The layout is as follows:

The Unified State Exam in 2021 will be held from May 24 to 28 and from May 31 to July 2. There will be no early period for passing exams, which was introduced in 2020 due to the epidemic, this year, but those 11-graders who are not going to enter universities will be able to take the USE from May 24 to May 28. For all others, exams will last from May 31 to July 2.

For USE participants who will not be able to pass the exams within the main periods due to illness or other valid reason, an additional period for the USE is provided. These terms are coordinated with the schedule of the admission campaign to universities – everyone who will take the USE in the additional period, just like the participants in the main period, will have time to get their results and submit documents to the selected educational institutions.

The main OGE certification for 9th graders will also take place from May 24 to May 28, additional (for those who did not pass) – in early September. For 9th graders, exams in Russian and mathematics are compulsory. To them is added one more optional subject, which can be taken in the form of a test at your school.

We add that certificates for the 9th grade on basic general education will be issued on the basis of the results of the state final certification only in two compulsory subjects: the Russian language and mathematics.

If the situation with the incidence permits, then the preliminary final interviews in the 9th grade will be held on March 10 and May 17 in full-time format. But if that – there is also a backup option for their online format (this will be decided by the regional authorities).

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