Kostroma residents will be invited by phone for a scheduled examination

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On Friday, July 7, another campaign for general medical examination began in the Kostroma region.

There is nothing surprising in this, but in the current conditions of the coronavirus epidemic, it will take place in special conditions – that is, so as not to allow excessive crowding of people in medical institutions.

To do this, in the clinics, firstly, work will be organized on Saturdays, and secondly, the schedules for medical examinations and visits to specialists will be drawn up in such a way as to reduce contacts of citizens with each other to a minimum. And this year not all of them will undergo medical examination at once, but each one separately, by a separate invitation, which will be sent to the phone number. So don’t be intimidated by unexpected calls – they are not scammers.

In addition, people over 65 will not be invited to dispensary – it is planned to choose another time for them, safer in the epidemic sense.

And yes – they will not take samples for coronavirus when undergoing medical examination. Surprisingly…

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