Kostroma residents were told that the main alley in Central Park will not change

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What will happen to Lenin and the park?

In the near future, repair work will begin in the Central Park of Kostroma (which the townspeople still call Lenin Park). The city administration is now preparing documents to identify a contractor that will carry out large-scale repairs.

The park improvement work will begin in 2021 and will first touch the central alley, where the asphalt on the walking path will be replaced with tiles, new benches and carved lanterns will be installed. You should not count on other changes to the Central Alley – it is considered an object of cultural heritage and no one will allow it to change much.

Another thing is the northern part of the park, adjacent to the Cheese Rows. It will undergo a radical reconstruction, the concept of which has already been approved and provides for financing in the amount of 130 million rubles from the federal funds within the framework of the Housing and Urban Environment national project. It will be implemented in 2022 … But the situation with its implementation may acquire a very interesting character, since the New People party (which passed, among other things, to the Regional Duma), shortly before the elections, promoted its project for the reconstruction of the park – and should, in theory, about this to remind the draft from the Duma rostrum.

So let’s see …

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