Kostroma residents do not pay taxes from fees … or Kostroma residents do not get fees

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A funny detail of its work was announced by the General Tax Service – it turns out that in 2019 our tax authorities did not receive a dime of taxes from such an item of income as “royalties”. Under this term, the Federal Tax Service understands fees for literary, musical or scientific works. They also have to pay personal income tax at 13 percent, but … alas. Don’t get paid. Although we certainly have writers, composers, and inventors in Kostroma …

However, the trouble is that our current system of royalties is built in such a way that in 99% of cases money is received, not by those who wrote-painted-invented something themselves, but the so-called. “Rightholders” who hurried in advance and bought copyrights from all sorts of impractical “freaks” – creators. But these gentlemen, as a rule, live not in the provinces, but in the capital – they also pay taxes there.

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