Kostroma electricians decided to sing a song about the Universe at an international competition

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The folk group StarVil, which recently appeared in Volgorechensk, has applied for participation in the international competition Energy of Creativity, held by Inter RAO UES for the seventh time.

This musical group consists of two people – electricians of the electrical department of the Kostroma State District Power Plant Gennady Dubov and Alexey Akimov. They decided to compete in the “Original Genre” nomination and hope to win the competition with a video clip of their own making – a rehash of the long-standing hit of the Rondo group “Pale Bartender” (better known as the song “Also Part of the Universe”). The motive of the video is clear – the native land, the Kostroma State District Power Plant is also a part of the Universe … it is even possible that it is the best.

They perform this song against the background of the Kostroma State District Power Plant in Volgorochensk, playing the electric guitar and balalaika.

You can vote for the Kostroma people who are also part of the universe here by clicking on the heart.

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