Komarovsky told whether the air conditioner can provoke pneumonia

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A well-known pediatrician told on his social network page whether air conditioning can cause the development of bacterial pneumonia.

According to Evgeny Komarovsky, the source of bacteria is moisture, which forms on the heat exchanger, on the internal blocks.

If the filters are not cleaned, the dust enters the heat exchanger, where it turns into lumps, and the drainage stops functioning properly. The moisture itself does not disappear, it just remains inside the conditioner bath. Bacteria begin to multiply in the stagnant moisture.

By systematically cleaning the filters, no bacteria are formed and the system functions correctly.

According to the doctor, you can clean the filters yourself. The indoor unit opens without a problem, the filters are easy to remove and wash.

In order not to get cold due to the air conditioner, you just need to adhere to two rules:

– The air conditioner should not be pointed directly at you during sleep and work. The air flow must go the other way.

– In hot weather, do not set the air conditioner to an extremely low temperature. This is due to the fact that the split will cool the room at an even lower temperature in order to reach the level set, writes Rodgor.ru.

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